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PMU for Brows 

What are Microbladed Brows?

Microblading is a form of a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup performed using, a manual (not a machine) disposable handheld tool, composed with very fine needles resembling the shape of a blade (we call it a microblade), to hand draw each individual hair and simultaneously implant the pigment into the skin for those with thin or scattered brows for a natural look.There is an OPTIONAL, yet recommended follow up appointment that can be scheduled between 6-15 weeks to maximize results for an additional fee. Results will last up to 1-3+ years depending on skin quality, lifestyle & aftercare. This service is not recommended for extremely oily skin. All results vary. VIRGIN BROWS ONLY AT THIS TIME.

What are Powder/Ombre Brows?

Ombre is a semi-permanent powdered brows technique for clients who prefer fuller result than hairstrokes but still very soft. The tails of the brow are a crisp darker shade that fade into a lighter shade at beginning to the brow, giving a perfect smudge-proof, waterproof, natural-looking ombre makeup affect. There is an OPTIONAL, yet recommended follow up appointment that can be scheduled between 6-15 weeks to maximize results for an additional fee. Results will last up to 1-3+ years depending on skin quality, lifestyle & aftercare. VIRGIN BROWS ONLY AT THIS TIME.

What are Combo/Hybrid Brows?

The Combo Brow is a beautiful blend of microblading and powder shading that creates an added polish and makeup look with hyper-realistic hair strokes. This is a beautiful option for clients who wish to achieve a “fluffy” look at the fronts of their brows, but need a bit more density through the body of brow.There is an OPTIONAL, yet recommended follow up appointment that can be scheduled between 6-15 weeks to maximize results for an additional fee. Results will last up to 1-3+ years depending on skin quality, lifestyle & aftercare. VIRGIN BROWS ONLY AT THIS TIME.


Payment plan options are available ONLY at checkout via the services tab. This CANNOT be changed after confirmation of payment including at time of appointment. Sales tax/fees will be applied at checkout on day of appointment.


                                                Before Booking

* By booking with Infinity Beauty & Body, you have read, understood, and agreed to all terms and conditions noted throughout website, scheduling site, cancellation policy and No call/no show included but not limited to all details stated in "Before the Procedure", "Who is a client for permanent brows", and "Aftercare Instructions."

* You acknowledge that you have not had any previous PMU/tattoo work on your brows and or have gotten an authorization from me to continue to booking.


* Sales taxes/service fee will be added to every brow service at time of appointment regardless of online purchase.

* No additional guests or children are allowed at appointment. You will bring a Valid license or state issued ID to your appointment.

* Infinity Beauty & Body, LLC has the right to refuse service.

                            Who is Client for Permanent Brows?

You May NOT Be a candidate If any of the following applies to you:

* Pregnant or nursing

* Diabetic-Uncontrolled diabetes will cause you to heal slowly (A  Doctor's clearance is required)

* Epileptic OR have seizures of any type

* Pacemaker

* Sick with cold/flu or any other Viral diseases/infections

* Used Accutane in the past year

* Organ transplant

* HIV or Hepatitis

* Autoimmune disorders (such as-Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, etc.-Cannot have this procedure done. You will not retain your color)

* Botox in the past 2 months (You must wait until your muscles are completely relaxed)

* Currently or have undergone Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy in the past 6 months. (A Doctor's clearance is required)

* Skin conditions or irritations such as Psoriasis, eczema, rashes, sunburn, etc on or near the brow area

* History of Keloids or Hypertrophic scarring

* Use topical steroids on your brow

* Chemical peel within the past month

* Suffer from Hemophilia

* Taking immune suppressing medications

* Uncontrolled high blood pressure or poor general health

* Slow to heal

* If you have allergic reactions to makeup, you are not a good candidate for this procedure.

* If you have extremely sensitive skin, contact me at 614-636-0008 to discuss further. Please note, that even if a patch test is given and you pass, you could still have a possible reaction to the pigment. A patch test does not guarantee you will not have a reaction. 

* Previous permanent makeup work that I can't work over. (If you've had previous work done on your brows before (no matter how long ago or how faded they are, you are required to email pictures of your freshly groomed, bare brows in natural lighting to or text them to 614-636-0008 for authorization from me before booking). Stand in front of a window or door facing outward-or stand outside. Take a selfie looking straight at the camera, then take a selfie of each full eyebrow. Make sure only overcast light is on your face, NO SUN as it creates hotspots on your face and I can't get a good look. If you show up to your appointment without prior authorization from me and your brows are not able to be worked over, you will be charged for your appointment. ALL rework appointments are subject to an additional $100.00 rework fee as it takes more time to rework a set of brows done by another artist and to make sure they are as close to perfect as they can be when you leave my salon.

                                   Before the Procedure

*ARRIVE ALONE TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. Extra people and/or children are not permitted under any circumstances. NO EXCEPTIONS.

* Arrive with a clean makeup-free face.


* NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES within 24 HOURS of your appointment. NO COFFEE within 72 HOURS of your appointment. Failure to do so could increase the potential for bleeding. NO EXCEPTIONS.


* No waxing within 5 days of your appointment.


* NO BLOOD THINNERS SUCH AS ASPIRIN, ALEVE, IBUPROFEN, EXCEDRIN, FISH, FISH OIL, SEAFOOD OF ANY TYPE, SEA MOSS, VITAMIN E OR VITAMINS AT LEAST 72 HOURS BEFORE PROCEDURE. No taxanac or accutane within the past 6 months. No retin-a for at least 3 weeks prior to your procedure.




* No botox or fillers in the forehead or brow area within 2 months of your procedure.


* No antibiotics within 2 weeks of procedure.


* No procedures are recommended if you are prone to keloids or currently going through chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

* Appointments must be rescheduled if you are sick with any type of viral or bacterial infections. IF YOU SHOW UP SICK, YOUR APPOINTMENT WILL BE CANCELLED AND YOUR DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED.


* No facials, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels within 4 weeks of your appointment.


* No anti-aging products on the skin within 30 days of your appointment.


* Please schedule around your menstrual cycle as pain and/or sensitivity is increasingly heightened during this time due to increased estrogen levels.


* No photography or video recordings are allowed. That includes personal, video/recordings, facebook live, snapchat, instagram, etc.

* Your state issued photo ID is required during your appointment and will be copied. We will also take a photo of you for our records.

* Please arrive on time for your appointment to prevent possible cancellation due to tardiness.

* Feel free to show me a photo of how you wear your brows on an everyday basis and the desired results you would like to achieve.


* The brow area must be free from pimples, psoriasis, rashes, eczema, and other skin conditions.


* No working out the day of your appointment as this leads to open pores.

*  CONSULTATIONS  are included in the appointment. You will be given the opportunity to choose where your brows will start, end, thickness, arch, and density or I can make recommendations for you. All brows are customized to fit your needs (within reason).This excludes those with previous work and does not apply to you. Please see the "Who is a Client for permanent brows" section for more details on my rework policy. I do NOT offer virtual consultations as all consultations take place at your appointment time. Please feel free to reach out with additional questions vial text or email and we can set up a phone call. Please leave a voicemail and I will return your call at my earliest convenience. Typical turnaround times are within 1 business day Monday - Saturday. 

                                     Aftercare Instructions

For maximum results, please follow all of the aftercare instructions. It's important not to judge your results based off of your healing process as your brows will darken about 40-60%, naturally peel, then they will lighten. For optimal results, consider booking a touchup appointment to fill in any color loss areas that may occur during the healing process.

*Do not get wet or wash the treated area for at least 10 days after procedure or until all peeling is completed. 

*Keep the are lightly moist with a sterile thin layer of Aquafor or Tattoo Hustle. Do not apply with fingers as this could cause potential infection. Wash hands thoroughly and apply the thinnest layer (the size of a grain of rice) of ointment with a q-tip.

*DO NOT PICK any part of your brows. It's very tempting as the brow scabs over and may itch some. But picking will cause pigment loss, scarring and empty patches (from color loss) on your brows. It will destroy your investment. Apply a thin layer of ointment (that I supply you) for some relief. INFINITY BEAUTY & BODY, LLC is not responsible for the effects that come with picking the brow area. Picking will definitely lead to you needing a touch up appointment to attempt to correct the picked area. Intentionally picking your scabs that have compromised your initial brow work will result in you paying an additional $300.00 fee on top of the touchup cost to have your brows reconstructed and worked from scratch all over again. Do not under any circumstance pick your scabs during healing.  

*Do not touch your brows with bare hands/fingers during healing. Your tattoo is an open wound and doing this could potentially cause infection to the site.

*After procedure, there may be some slight swelling but it will subside in a few hours. 

*Do not workout for 10 days after procedure (wait until all scabbing has fallen off). This will open your pores causing you to sweat and you may not retain as much pigment. 

*Avoid sweating for at least 10 days after procedure (after all scabbing has fallen off). 


*Avoid long hot/steamy showers for 7-10 days (until all scabbing has fallen off). You can put a thin layer of aquafor on your brows with a clean q-tip prior to showering to minimize water exposure. 

*Absolutely no makeup on or around the brows until all scabbing has fallen off.

*Avoid sleeping on your face during the healing process to keep bacteria out of the brow area. It's recommended that you sleep on your back. 

*Avoid the sun until after all peeling has finished. If you are going to be outside, please consider wearing a hat or visor to avoid sun exposure. While driving, please consider using the sun visor. Sun exposure will affect your skin's ability to retain pigment.

*Please plan any vacations around your procedure to avoid sun exposure. 

*No swimming, jacuzzis, saunas or anything that creates steam. 

*Avoid Retin A, Renova, Alpha Hydroxy, Glycolic Acids, Aloe, and Vitamin E products, and vitamin c serums on the brow and forehead area moving forward. 

*Once you've healed, use a good sunscreen to prevent premature fading.

*If you have any signs of infection, redness, pain or abnormal swelling associated with the procedure, call your physician and contact us. 

Let’s Work Together

Thanks for considering Infinity Beauty & Body to get you brow ready!! Say goodbye to the brow pencils, powders and pomades and get ready for the new you!!

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